Connect, Inform and Care for Remote Teams and Customers

Remote collaboration is a big problem, especially for people at sea. We simplify communication, drive increased collaboration, productivity and welfare between ship and shore operations.

Find a marketplace solution to fit your business needs.

The FrontM platform connects people, machines, processes and partner ecosystems to create seamless mobile experiences and services, on-ground, in-flight, at-sea or anywhere remote. Our app-marketplace is a one-stop shop for collaboration, productivity and welfare solutions for your distributed teams and customers.

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Industries Served



Save costs, increase operational efficiencies and improve crew productivity with communication, collaboration, geospatial intelligence, optimised for satellite connectivity.



Drive passenger reassurance and significant increase in ancillary revenues. FrontM applications provide a digital overlay across your passengers entire journey.



Connect more people, increase engagement, improve customer experience with offline and edge intelligence, super-app front ends and AI-powered micro-applications.

Edge Intelligent Software Platform

FrontM combines strategic vision and persuasive technologies to drive world class experiences, engagement, accelerate decision-making and increase transactions, anywhere.

Connect your ecosystem with a central app marketplace design
Continuous experiences using patented technology & data optimisation
Fast time-to-market using pre-integrated data & low-code developer framework
Ready SaaS solution with a portfolio of market specific apps
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The design enables 70% higher efficiency over satellite. The developer tools, low-code framework and API create a 10X acceleration in building the most advanced solutions.

Collaborating with the world’s most innovative companies.

Leading Aviation, Maritime and Shipping Companies, Satellite Communication Providers and Systems Integrators are using FrontM to gain a sustainable and competitive edge.

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