FrontM Launches Loft Events for Sailors' Society Wellness at Sea 2023 Conferences

FrontM , a UK-based technology company that facilitates intelligent collaboration within the maritime industry, is proud to announce its collaboration with Sailors' Society , the international maritime charity dedicated to supporting the welfare of seafarers.

The partnership will bring Wellness at sea 2023 conference via a first-of-its-kind virtual event experience connecting maritime institutions, seafarers and the industry together.

Seafarers face numerous challenges while working at sea, including isolation, limited access to resources and not knowing how to reach out for support. These real aspects of life at sea and the emotional toll that can arise, are not taught about in universities for pre-sea students and cadets. This leaves future seafarers with a lack of preparedness for their physical and mental wellbeing before starting their careers at sea - a gap that’s very important to fill for the professional and human sustainability of seafarers.

FrontM offers onship , The Maritime Superapp that connects, engages, informs and provides care for seafarers and remote workforces. The superapp platform is used by various ship operators and their teams. It includes the Loft Video Conferencing capability for efficient and reliable delivery of remote telemedicine, mental health advisory, remote operational and technical assistance, routine ship-shore meetings, and crew HR counselling. To further enhance collaboration and to enable maritime stakeholders to connect on a bigger scale, FrontM has extended the Loft line of products to announce the introduction of Loft Events .

Loft Events is a versatile 3D virtual conferencing software framework that enables organisations to host immersive and interactive events online, including real-time video broadcast to thousands of attendees at a time. Maritime job fairs, corporate events, company all-hands meetings and trade shows can now be seamlessly conducted, engaging geographically dispersed audiences and of crucial importance, now including the previously left-out seafarers.

“Sailors’ Society has been transforming the lives of seafarers and their families for more than 200 years. As part of its pioneering Wellness at Sea programme, Sailors’ Society places a strong focus on cadets, allowing it to complete a circle of care for seafarers from the beginning to the end of their maritime career journey."

“From our pilot in 2021 , the need for virtual wellness conferences for cadets was clear. This year we expect to have more than 6,000 cadets attending our four Sailors’ Society Wellness at Sea conferences for North Asian, African, South East Asian and, for the first time, UK maritime schools and colleges,” says Sara Baade, CEO of Sailors’ Society."

"This year we will also be offering our attendees much more than at previous conferences. Thanks to FrontM, we have not only the conference content on the day, but cadets are encouraged to visit the virtual conference hall beforehand to view our range of industry booths packed with useful information for our future seafarers. These unique events recognise that today’s cadets are tomorrow’s workforce and the next maritime leaders. They feature interactive sessions, presentations from the best in the industry and practical wellness advice - all of which will equip and empower participants with awareness and skills that will serve them throughout their seafaring lives,” Sara adds.

“We are thrilled to launch Loft Events and support Sailors’ Society Wellness at Sea programme, where attendees can participate virtually from anywhere in the world, fostering a sense of community and providing much-needed support. At a time when the satcom industry is rapidly transforming, to be at the forefront of bringing innovative digital solutions for crew experiences, makes us feel very proud” says Anne-Marie Barclay, Commercial Director at FrontM.

Registrations are now open for the Wellness at Sea Maritime school’s conferences 2023 via the event link at . The hosting platform, onship ,The Maritime Superapp, is also available for download on Google Play here and Apple App Storehere .

Maritime organisations have an opportunity to participate in Wellness at Sea event with their own virtual booths to promote their brand and services and be part of the community focussed on seafarers' welfare. Corporate and press enquiries are welcome by email to .

Join us and be a part of this transformative event that aims to enhance the wellbeing of seafarers. For more information and updates, follow us on Facebook , Twitter , LinkedIn , Google Play , Apple App Store .