Today, the air travel ecosystem delivers retail and ancillary services via separate physical contexts (e.g. airport store), offline contexts (e.g. inflight magazine), or specific hardware contexts (e.g IFE platform). Airlines now want to shift to fully frictionless interactions that can be accessed wherever desired by the passenger. Ideally, airlines want their mobile app to scale into a central, trusted, sticky, always-available touch point for their customers. For continuous relevance and engagement, inflight internet connectivity is a key enabler.

During Jan 2020, Ed Bastian, Delta’s CEO, announced Delta airline app transformation as his leading 5-year business priority. His vision is to make Delta app the travel concierge hub for his customers. JetBlue founder David Neeleman, announced Breeze, an airline that shall make its app its key market differentiator. The airline app transformation trend has truly kicked off.

The key challenge is not that of passengers usage of airline apps. According to Travelport digital, 63% of European LCC passengers already use airline apps for paperless boarding passes and booking management.

The key challenge instead is the one that Airline CIOs and CMOs face. How to create a value added roadmap to transform the airline apps beyond PNR and boarding pass?

FrontM is a mobile technology platform company delivering solutions to travel and transport markets to enhance customer experience and create new monetisation opportunities for its partners. In the context of airline IFE and mobile app transformation, FrontM’s offering is helping airline CxOs extend their airline apps with compelling propositions.We will be delighted to share product details and case studies. Book 30 mins with our product team here.