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Enabling your passengers to send a physical travel memory to their loved ones with a personalised picture and message – complete with your branding.

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Create long-lasting travel memory by connecting your passengers to their loved one via a personalised picture and message on printed postcards and merchandise, delivered worldwide within 7 days.

Key Capabilities

A simple, configurable and a highly personalised experience combining contextual promotions and sponsorship models.
Create a travel memory while inflight
Upload a picture to personalise & send to your family and friends
You can sponsor to gain brand advertising at a fraction of the cost of other channels
Third party co-sponsors to generate ancillary revenue

Engage a passenger inflight, using your mobile app, generating revenue.

Create a channel for physical advertisement and sponsorship sent as a souvenir.

After payment, you sponsor or work with our network of partners to personalise the souvenir.

How it works

Send a post card, a mug, a hat or another souvenir to a loved one while digitally disconnected.

Passenger selects a picture from their phone and a souvenir to send.

They select 1-5 people from their contacts – and send simultaneously.

Then – the passenger simply enters their information.

The order is saved to be processed when the phone regains connectivity.

The passenger is updated with the status and tracking of their order.

Their loved ones receive the souvenir within 7 business days.

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