Connect and engage your passengers to transform their inflight experience and increase ancillary revenues.

FrontM platform applications reassure your passengers and increase ancillary revenues by digitally connecting their end-to-end travel journey and engaging via your website, mobile app and inflight entertainment systems.

Restore passenger confidence with digital connectivity, travel updates and guidance, door-to-door.


Simplify discovery, purchase and access to in-flight WiFi connectivity to make your apps the gateway to information.


Enable personalised experiences with maps and travel shopping from digital touch-points, on-the-ground and inflight.

Single Integration Point

With 40+ pre-integrated, pre-selected partner APIs for information access, secure inflight WiFi access, connectivity purchase, contextual e-commerce, the marketplace apps provide a one-stop solution to travel information and shopping.

Our unique wait time optimisation, personalisation algorithms and advanced analytics drive significant ancillary revenues for airlines while improving traveller satisfaction across their entire journey.

The airline industry has identified building confidence of would-be travellers to be the key component in passenger experience strategies. Physical bio-security measures at the airport and on-board aircraft are important but a fully confident traveller needs real-time, accurate, comprehensive tailored information available in an omni-channel non-interrupted continuum before the point of booking – all the way to the destination.

FrontM applications are designed for on-the-ground and inflight use, together digitally mirroring each step of the passenger physical journey, creating a win-win, customer experience and ancillary revenue benefits to airlines.

Aviation Apps Marketplace

Explore some of our passenger experience and ancillary revenue-generating apps in the FrontM marketplace, offered as single apps or built into customised SuperApps and as APIs.

Our Partner Network

How to integrate FrontM

SDK for your website, mobile app, kiosk, IFE or IFC portal

Based on your choice of marketplace apps or custom apps, we’ll create the SDK with a custom, white-labelled, UI/UX designed for your brand, SDK. The SDK may be multi-platform, or for one channel at a time based on your business needs. This process removes your IT overheads and ensures a fast testing cycle and roll out.

Ready to deploy marketplace apps

Our product team, partner ecosystem and developer network are constantly enhancing existing marketplace apps and developing new ones. It’s a bit like Alexa’s still store or Apple play store. Select the first app for your digital channels and request for an SDK. After the initial integration, adding further apps to your digital channels is an easy ‘drag and drop’.

Custom app

FrontM’s developer tools, pre-integrated data points and APIs enable us to integrate with your legacy systems, PSS, LRM, CRM or affiliate data systems at pace, in order to create custom apps. These may be to drive passenger experience, crew connectivity or ancillary revenue. Our aim is to meet your business goals while securing the best value for your investment.

Delivery methodology

2 Weeks

App integration prototype via
mobile apps, web, IFC pages.

+4 Weeks

App pilot testing with fully iterative
enhancements and improvements.

+4 Weeks

Further customisation, SDK integration
and commercial roll out.

Support & Operations

All our solutions are offered on a fully managed service model. We empower you with a live dashboard presenting key performance metrics, revenue calculations and analytics. Our infrastructure and performance SLAs are designed to meet your business needs. All passenger transactions and post sales customer service is handled by our trusted service partners.

FrontM platform tools

Maps, conversational AI, personalisation and targeting algorithms, digital payments, offline caching, data analytics and third party API integration adapters are just some of our developer tools. We are obsessed about the API-first design and programmability of our platform. Check to learn more.