Booking flights used to be about the distance, trip dates and flight prices. 

But now, airlines have become much more than a means to travel.

Air passengers consider many more things while booking flights:

  • Duration of layovers
  • Quality of services offered
  • Baggage limits
  • Types of seats available
  • Leg space offered… and more.

This list of airplane considerations continues even after one is in the flight:

  • In-flight wifi
  • Uncomfortable airplane seats
  • More food options
  • Quick luggage drop and pick-up
  • Location of baggage
  • Good movie options
  • Warmer blankets… the list goes on and on.

As a brand, the goal of any airline is to provide the best customer experience. 

And the only way to do that is by understanding the pain points of the customer.

So, you need to keep your customers engaged continuously. And that includes while they are thousands of feet in the air!

How do you do this? Through Customer Engagement Surveys! 

Undertake interesting chat-based surveys that passengers would enjoy answering based on their travel experience. Whether the crew service met their expectations, they had enough food options to choose from or their check in process was smooth – airlines now have the opportunity to hear what the passengers have to say and most importantly improve their services, thereby brand building and developing a competitive advantage. 

While customer engagement surveys aren’t new, they are dependent on the users availability of time. Sometimes users may want to provide feedback but are in a hurry often making the activity redundant. However, FrontM’s survey is designed to be answered in an offline environment when the passenger is en-route. 

Airlines no longer need to persuade customers or be dependent on traditional methods of conducting surveys. This feature can be simply integrated into the airlines’ IFE WiFi page or existing app using FrontM’s SDK or be part of a customized in-flight app. 

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