We are taking the user experience to places it’s never been before

Connected customer experience has redefined convenience with easy-to-use digital touch points. Businesses equally want to engage customers 24/7 and offer a better service, therefore, boosting engagement, efficiency and ultimately, revenue.

Progress continues unabated and, we are allowed to expect much in this modern, uber-connected, Cloud-powered digital age. The growth of 4G (and now 5G), together with constant investment in broadband infrastructure, feeds the demand and ratchets up expectations; seamless communication is fast becoming a given.

A mobile screen is now the de-facto channel with which to engage customers and employees. But while network coverage is growing faster and wider than ever, there are still new frontiers to be conquered. Such as when a customer in an offline or semi-online environment, like an aeroplane or a cruise ship…or Such as for company employees working offshore or in remote environments like crew on shipping vessels, fishermen.

In places like these, the mobile UI and Cloud-based solutions has not been an option. Your business has faced a teasing and tantalising problem of how to offer a fulfilling user experience for such offline, unfavourable or captive environments.

Now, with FrontM, we are helping you bridge these frontiers. Our platform allows easy creation of applications that offer simple, continuous, mobile-led, AI-powered, personalised user experiences.

FrontM Platform offering includes

1.     Off-the-shelf, apps such as moving POI airline maps; chat; satellite voice calling; chatbots;

2.     A bespoke app we can build according to your own specification;

3.     APIs & Development tools you can use to create your own apps.

Each FrontM app uses the platform’s proprietary Edge AI technology to run offline, combined with data compression to achieve 70% lower data usage when online. In this way, FrontM delivers a more efficient communication ecosystem of apps.

For businesses serving operational users – say, the crew of a fishing boat who need to log a catch – FrontM offers higher productivity and cost savings.

For businesses serving end customers – say, guests on an aeroplane, perhaps, or cruise ship – better engagement, entertainment and access to relevant ads & services, leads to greater customer loyalty and captive audience monetisation opportunities for airlines & cruises.

Of course, the traveller might be more than happy to switch off: who can begrudge the businessman or woman who, after an arduous trip, simply wants to kick back, relax and pull the eye mask down? But imagine if the very same businessman or woman could then quickly book a taxi whilst still in the air, leaving the app’s AI paradigm to arrange the best time for pick-up or re-route passengers in an irregular service scenario? They could be back home and in bed, rather than stood waiting at a rank and glancing at their watch.

We are helping businesses establish a truly continuous digital experience, truly anywhere.

So why let your customer engagement channels misfire any longer?


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