Integration of FrontM Guest Experience and Self-Service Chatbots on-board one of the world’s leading Cruises, proved an ROI by means of cost savings & increased productivity for 760% over 4 years.


Reduction in Crew Enquires 


Increase in Net Promoter Score

The Context

Our client is a is a global leader in the cruise market. The company prides in its best-in-class customer service and guest experience.

To meet their long term business goals, the company is launching three new cruises in the next two years. Whilst the cruises currently operate on a 18:30 crew:guest ratio, the new cruise objective is to operate on a 12:50 ratio. Their second objective is to exceed the modern traveller’s customer experience expectations.

To meet these objectives, the company has kicked off a 3-year digital transformation programme. This includes fitting all ships with upgraded satellite WiFi services. The upgrade will create a state-of-the-art onboard digital infrastructure.

The Challenges

The transformation programme identified a vast range of automation use cases to directly serve the business objectives. The challenges in solving them included:

1. Mitigating poor user experience caused by intermittent connectivity

2. Treating connectivity as a premium resource, given the satellite internet costs

3. Avoiding the ‘app proliferation’ risk, given the vast spread of use cases

4. Reaching the users on their mobile devices

5. Ensuring user centred and personalised experiences for higher stickiness and adoption

6. Enabling data driven product roadmapping

7. Empowering the crew at the same time as the guests

The Solution

Our Client approached FrontM. They sought a match between their needs and the FrontM platform’s capabilities:

• The ability for the platform to work offline & 70% more data efficient over satellite link

• Off-the-shelf mobile & AI-led customer engagement technology

• Presented as an App-Store enabling personalisation and feature scaling

• Automation possibilities using custom apps built with FrontM’s development tools

Together we worked through and distilled their priority use cases. Then we followed a 10 week lean build process, moving through prototype, MVP and launch to turn their legacy systems and data points into interactive mobile experiences for crew and for guest.

The Outcome

By integrating the FrontM platform, the client enhanced their existing iOS, Android and Web customer channels.

Installation of FrontM’s ‘edge’ module, enabling offline functionality was straightforward, requiring minimal internal IT involvement.

User feedback was excellent. The first crew and guest use case satisfaction scores averaged 8.7/10 across 14 criteria. FrontM’s offline natural language processing handled 94.6% of interactions successfully.

The business benefited too. We implemented two primary use cases, proving the concept and validating strategic direction. The ROI from one, the billing chatbot, showed opportunity to reduce $4.8M operational expense to $240K over 4 years. Our client is now rolling out the solution across its entire fleet during Summer 2019.

“FrontM’s capabilities are right at the heart of our strategy to improve Crew welfare and Guest experience. The freshness of their ideas and the application of their technology to convert ideas into effective products has been highly valuable to our business”


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