Airlines and Airports are in the midst of several fundamental changes. Traditional markets are plateauing and there is an urgent need to identify new growth avenues. At the same time, there is increased awareness about sustainability and the need to deliver a holistic, consistent,  digital experience to passengers before, after and during flights. It has become imperative to evolve business and operating models to align with new customer expectations and to be future-ready.

The holy grail in this is helping airlines drive ancillary revenues by with a new breed of digital services. By rapidly and efficiently and bringing to market new monetisable solutions which can be embedded within airline’s apps, we help them use emerging digital technologies to drive new multimillion dollar revenue streams.

“Emerging tech-led ancillary services, led by high speed in-flight connectivity, will grow significantly in the next 3 years and contribute over 10% to overall ancillary revenues”

Source: Airlines and Airports Digital Services RadarViewTM 2019

There is an established market need for  – 

  1. Delivering innovation to passengers via the airline’s own mobile app, enhancing the most powerful of brands to an engaged and captive audience in new, attractive ways – even when not fully connected above the clouds.
  2. A hassle-free fully managed, SaaS offering with no impact to cabin, infrastructure or back office processes – now deploying with some of the largest airlines in the planet.
  3. Exciting and captivating every category of passenger (leisure, business, frequent) with a series of relevant content – from inflight moving maps with a monetisable twist to powerful branding exercises on ground, in-transit, and beyond.
  4. Integrating a complete digital platform including advertising and monetisation – with future features and capabilities easily integrated at any time in future. 
  5. Using FrontM’s revenue generation calculator, airlines can now accurately predict how much different types of ancillary revenues are going to add to the bottom line.
  6. Enhancing the brand differentiation and stickiness with dynamic customisation.
  7. Extending reach and power with an always-growing product marketplace from which to order to enhance and engage your passenger base (contextual e-commerce).

And lastly – 
All of this to be easy to deploy, operate and maintain throughout the life of any agreement – with the potential to extend beyond boundaries at any time! 

FrontM does all of this via an in-house development and deployment team, and in partnership with some of the largest corporations on the planet. Our patented solution allows passengers to be connected to the airline brand via their increasingly sophisticated devices even when limited or no connectivity exists, en-route above the clouds.