Three step strategy to saving seafarers and improving mental health at sea

Over a quarter of seafarers suffer from severe depression and almost 6% of deaths at sea are due to suicide, this figure has dramatically increased during the pandemic. When compared to the national suicide rates of the UK, which was less than one per cent of deaths in 2017, it highlights the the severe state of mental health at sea. As crew mental health and wellness is becoming more of a focus in the maritime industry, you may be wondering how to provide your staff with the best possible care, support and training needed to keep your crew safe and healthy.  Join us as we speak with maritime experts from VIKAND, ISWAN, Inmarsat, Marine-Profile and FrontM about the top three strategies you can implement today to help immediately improve crew mental health at sea, in port or in a family setting.

In this webinar you will learn how to:

  • Recognise and deliver immediate mental health support in crisis
  • Utilise training and tools available to help identify, support and prevent crew depression
  • Discover external support networks available to provide guidance to crew and family
  • Leverage the latest communication tools to help digitise crew health