FrontM, the Collaboration and Edge AI platform company and Marshal Systems announce a partnership expanding both companies’ footprint across South East Asia allowing offshore oil and gas, and marine businesses to use next-generation communication tools and platform services to bring their customers, partners, and workforces together under a single roof.

By bringing an effective satellite optimised digital platform approach towards communication and workflow automation to the offshore energy and marine sectors, the alliance will help these sea-based businesses to connect their customers, partners, and workforces across multiple on and offline channels in an optimal way, ensuring they remain productive, safe and communicative whilst reducing operating costs by retiring unreliable legacy systems and bandwidth intense terrestrial video conferencing services.  

“We are excited to enter into this partnership with Marshal Systems. Our combined capabilities will help marine and O and G clients rapidly transform their operations with digital communication and automation solutions. Working with Marshal, we look forward to rolling out a suit of FrontM marketplace apps and bring the flexibility of FrontM’s API to adapt to new market trends and needs” said Kiran Venkatesh, FrontM’s CEO.

Since 1993, Marshal Systems has progressed towards and now prides itself on being a leading systems integrator preferred by internationally renowned companies in the Oil and Gas Industries and the shipping community. Marshal Systems has a track record that spans over more than two decades serving global Oil and Gas and marine customers with customised solutions to overcome the challenges facing our clients whilst keeping them at the forefront of their industries.

Marshal is constantly innovating its customer offerings. For example, we recently developed a new product called “iM Kiosk” that we hope to integrate into the FrontM marketplace, which includes a web-based centralized monitoring system with Bio-Metric authentication to address various use cases such as Remote Monitoring.

“Singapore plays a key role on the global stage as a leading Maritime Hub and is well placed to serve the varied interests of international shipping. Based in Singapore, Marshal has a track record that spans over more than two decades serving global Oil and Gas and marine customers on large-scale international projects. Marshal is excited to partner with FrontM to equip offshore oil and gas operating assets and the shipping community with optimised Satellite communication tools for Ship to Shore communication together with advanced digital innovation and business agility. We are confident that this partnership will bring significant cost advantage and superior performance to our customers as we introduce them to the FrontM digital platform.” – Ng Yeau Chong Managing Director of Marshal Systems Private Limited, Singapore

Key capabilities this partnership will provide oil and gas and marine customers include: 

  • Satellite optimised communication tools: Allows offshore and onshore teams to collaborate with anyone, anywhere at any time with integrated online and offline workflow automation.
  • Advanced personalisation: Enhances the employ, customer, and service partner journey with highly personalised micro-app workflow experiences between channels (Web, iOS, and Android) via a single, cost-effective scalable platform.
  • Advanced Digital Innovation and Business Agility: Provides your workforce, customers, and partners with role-specific personalisation inclusive of real-time insights and game-changing marketplace deployment of solutions to keep abreast of industry demand.
  • Scalable Architecture: Single tenancy provides maritime businesses with the freedom to create highly differentiated digital experiences, increasing brand loyalty and stickiness. 

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