Low-code development platforms provide developers and non-developers with tools and Graphical User Interface for programming. It enables developing the code reliably at an extremely fast pace and reduces traditional programming efforts.

The FrontM development framework equips our developers with tools that minimise hand-coding and time for setup and deployment across managed environments, tenants, customer domains and user groups. It reduces the complexity of the application development process and improves the pace of development, decreasing time-to-market and ROI for our partners and customers.

Most of our partners are transforming, sometimes disrupting, traditional operating procedures by modifying business processes, culture, and customer experiences to meet changing business and market requirements in Maritime markets. Here our low-code development approach is bringing them the agility and confidence to innovate and reimagine their business models in the digitalage.

The following graph explains the importance of #lowcode development tools. As per the research performed by frevvo, the number one reason for adopting low-code platforms is due to the acceleration of digital transformation (69%) and that it is responsible for reducing the dependency on high technical skills (40%).

lowcode API is designed to address a broad range of collaboration and workflow automation opportunities connecting maritime shore and ship communities together, in ways not possible before.

Kiran Venkatesh

Kiran Venkatesh

CEO at FrontM. Software, Data and AI thought leader. Passionate Learner. Doer. Team Builder.