For many companies, it is the corporate policy that states consumer applications like WhatsApp must not be used for any work-related communications. It is dangerously easy for confidential company information to leak out.

For field operations and distributed workforces, there is no universal enterprise-grade, specialised tool that brings the convenience of Whatsapp and the privacy and productivity features of Slack, into one practical solution.

FrontM offers a unified collaboration, productivity, and welfare superapp, called onship. It provides secure and optimised communications tools for the crew, shore teams, and support providers.

Captain Vishal Patangay recalls: “A fire broke out in the accommodation of a ship in port. Some crew shot videos and shared them with friends and family via Whatsapp/social media. It went viral and landed on the screens of the wrong people, leading to downtime and loss of revenue.”

onship is created to:
– simplify text, voice, and video calls as well as video meetings with Loft between ship and shore users
– allow the crew to easily collaborate with specific departments like Vessel Managers, Crew Manning, HR, HQSE and to schedule video meetings easily
– enable secure Fleet Communications Management between the Ship Manager and official crew communications (e.g. circulars, internal sensitive info sharing, safety, security, pollution, PSC, company milestones, shipping industry news, etc)
– provide welfare, healthcare and multiple 3rd party crew services

If you are a ship manager or work with ship managers who are keen to bring a step-change in how crew are digitally equipped and empowered, please DM or email us for a free