FrontM and Gizat launch Loft Multiplex

FrontM, a UK-based technology company that facilitates intelligent collaboration within the maritime industry, is proud to announce its partnership with service provider Gizat Global Communication, a global leader in satellite, media and IT services.

The partnership aims to transform crew welfare and entertainment by bringing Loft Multiplex, the live streaming TV service, optimised for satellite networks, with no additional hardware and offered as a simple subscription service to the Maritime industry.

FrontM provides the Maritime Superapp platform with an app marketplace that connects, engages, informs and provides care for seafarers and remote workforces using its unique Low- Code Developer API’s with optimisation technology and maritime-centric CRM backend. This enables efficient integration and distribution of partner services such as, in this instance, live streaming TV powered by Gizat.

With the Maritime industry facing challenging times and crew retention high on the agenda, vessel operators and managers are seeking to accelerate welfare enhancing digital crew solutions.

Currently almost all the seafarers still see crew WiFi for streaming content as an unavailable luxury. Only 40% of vessels get news, by email, as static content in a readable format. Live sports and TV channels have not been available to commercial shipping; now, that is set to change. With Loft Multiplex, a huge opportunity is opening up for the industry to bring a long- awaited step-up to crew welfare onboard. The unique compression and optimisation technology of the service ensures that each TV live streamed channel takes only around 300kbps of existing onboarding internet, 70% less than a conventional streaming channel.

The simplicity of Loft Multiplex makes it a very easy-to-install solution. It requires no new hardware, antenna or infrastructure changes. It is accessible by launching ‘onship’, FrontM’s Maritime Superapp, through a browser, either directly on an existing Smart TV or laptop/PC on the vessel, where the service supports bringing the crew together for increased onboard camaraderie and bonding.

“Even as little as a few months ago, to envisage a service like Loft Multiplex, optimised for satellite and delivered to ships without the need for additional hardware, was like a dream. This is a game-changer for crew welfare, and as such a subject close to my heart. FrontM’s Superapp platform has the potential to open up and accelerate numerous such opportunities and I’m pleased to see that with their technology they have achieved a successful launch so rapidly”, said Ronald Spithout, board advisor to FrontM.

Loft multiplex channels

Loft Multiplex's baseline subscription includes a carefully curated bouquet of 12 channels selected and bundled by Gizat, covering live sports, international movies and news.

"We are tremendously excited about bringing the first truly live TV experience to the Maritime market. Following a lengthy process of gathering market feedback and sea trials, we are thrilled with the first 12 channel package we have curated. The bundle includes live sports and news as well as TV and films, representative of the seafarer nationalities onboard to vessels everywhere. Future packages of Loft Multiplex will include more channels and more genres out of the 500+ TV channels we have access to " said Ohad Harlev, Chairman of Gizat

Ship managers can trial Loft Multiplex for free seamlessly continuing to a paid subscription, either by engaging FrontM at or by discussing their requirements with their existing satellite service provider.

FrontM is a UK-based maritime technology company dedicated to transforming the digital landscape of the maritime industry. With its innovative solutions, including onship, The Maritime Superapp platform, the Loft suite of apps including satellite-optimised Video Conferencing, Events and Multiplex are aimed at empowering organisations to enhance collaboration, productivity and welfare at sea.

Gizat Global Communication is a global leader in satellite, media and IT services which provides a vast array of communication platforms, routes services and tools to support satellite service providers as well as users. With a vast experience for over 20 years in the satellite communication market, Gizat focuses on 3 main segments; Enhanced Voice Services; Satellite Communication; Added Value Solutions