Bringing shore & ship closer to improve control & reduce costs

FrontM connects teams with satellite optimised communication, collaboration & AI Automation solutions.

50% more efficient

on shore to ship Satcom calling, 6kbps VoIP calls, optimised messaging, email

Tracking & monitoring

using location from Satcom systems & with situational information

Support & workflow

automation to enable self-service for teams, with or  without internet.

Satcom Service Assurance assistant

automated diagnostics, troubleshooting & reporting

Anomaly detection

Patented machine learning algorithms to inform & assist with operational decisions

Development tools & APIs

to enhance & extend your features for your shore & ship teams

Always-on software application platform to connect your shore and ship teams.

Whatever your business at sea. Leisure, fishing, merchant or passenger vessels, oil rigs or basecamps.

In an environment where more tasks need to be done faster and with less manpower, assistance with decision making and access to relevant real time information becomes essential. Data outburst can easily swamp a decision maker, so to distill the vital information and present it at the right time becomes crucial. They enable a close team working together to be more effective and efficient.