Harness the power of next generation collaboration technologies.

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Digitise and expand your business operations by building apps that go with your people, wherever they go.

A suite of communication, operations and crew welfare applications designed to increase productivity, operational efficiency and wellbeing.


Bring remote, mobile and office-based teams together with satellite optimised messaging, VoIP and video conferencing tools to support cross team collaboration.


Reduce admin overheads and drive efficiencies with process and workflow automation using edge artificial intelligent framework that works online and offline.

Data & API’s

Accelerate digitisation by converging a broad range of third party solutions, satellite connectivity and multimodal data to create smart micro-applications.

Until today, it has not been possible for offshore, inshore and head office teams to remain continuously connected, with up-to-date information and machine intelligence to aid decision-making on-the-go. FrontM is designed to resolve this problem.
FrontM single unified digital platform empowers your teams, driving seamless collaboration, unlocking the value of your data, giving your organisation the competitive edge required to stay ahead in the ever-changing maritime landscape.

Crew’s ability to self-serve and feel empowered, cared and safe, has a direct impact on the mission.

Maximise Operating Efficiency

Transform the way your teams operate with integrated satellite calling, instant messaging, file-sharing and automated workflows.

  • Improve team productivity by 30%
  • Increase team based interactions
  • Breakdown workplace silos
  • Build a culture of cross-border collaboration
  • Improve employee engagement and moral

Improve Health & Safety

Manage your organisations health and safety program, by providing your workforce with the tools to report, track and analyse safety data.

  • Reduce fatalities at sea
  • Drive down incident rates
  • Promote a safety culture across your organisation
  • Mitigate risk and ensure compliance
  • Save money

Increase Speed and Quality

Don’t let disjointed processes slow you down, make collaboration easy, so your teams can focus on the tasks and the work that matters.

  • Mitigate risk and reduce costs up to 40%
  • Faster-paced decision-making
  • Improved customer satisfaction
  • Reduced employee turnover
  • Big-picture transparency increases quality

Improve Welfare & Morale

Eliminate workplace silos by providing your teams with access to the digital tools and services they need to remain connected and healthy at sea.

  • Boost employee morale
  • Improve employee mental health 
  • Reduce Employee suicide rates
  • Promote an “open door policy”
  • Celebrate and recognise employees

Our Partner Network

Maritime App Marketplace

Explore the maritime applications in the app marketplace. If you don’t see what you are looking for, let us discuss your specific user needs to explore how FrontM APIs can accelerate time to market.

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How to integrate FrontM

White-labelled multi-platform apps

Based on your choice of marketplace apps or custom apps, we’ll create the SDK with a custom, white-labelled, UI/UX designed for your brand, SDK. The SDK may be multi-platform, or for one channel at a time based on your business needs. This process removes your IT overheads and ensures a fast testing cycle and roll out.

Ready to deploy marketplace apps

Our product team, partner ecosystem and developer network are constantly enhancing existing marketplace apps and developing new ones. It’s a bit like Alexa’s still store or Apple play store. Select the first app for your digital channels and request for an SDK. After the initial integration, adding further apps to your digital channels is an easy ‘drag and drop’.

Custom app

FrontM’s developer tools, pre-integrated data points and APIs enable us to integrate with your legacy systems, PSS, LRM, CRM or affiliate data systems at pace, in order to create custom apps. These may be to drive passenger experience, crew connectivity or ancillary revenue. Our aim is to meet your business goals while securing the best value for your investment.

Delivery methodology

2 Weeks

App integration prototype published on
branded iOS, android and web.

+4 Weeks

App pilot testing with fully
integrated features.

+4 Weeks

Customisation and
Commercial roll out.

FrontM platform tools

Maps, conversational AI, personalisation and targeting algorithms, digital payments, offline caching, data analytics and third party API integration adapters are just some of our developer tools. We are obsessed about the API-first design and programmability of our platform. Check developer.frontm.com to learn more.

Support & Operations

All our solutions are offered on a fully managed service model. We empower you with a live dashboard presenting key performance metrics, revenue calculations and analytics. Our infrastructure and performance SLAs are designed to meet your business needs. All passenger transactions and post sales customer service is handled by our trusted service partners.