AI Assistant

Self service diagnostics, troubleshooting and Edge data interpretation.
FrontM Intelligent Assistants provide a user-friendly online and offline interface for crew self-service & data-driven decision making.


Improve self-service by easily replacing user manuals and support documents with conversational AI assistants that work offline


Increase operational efficiency by automating IT tasks with onboard software & hardware systems & connectivity infrastructure


Derive intelligence from big data feeds onboard with onboard edge analytics and insight presentation – without going to the internet.


Increase efficiencies by using the same messaging channels for alerts, diagnostics and escalating issues to human support representatives.

Whatever your business at sea, on-board IT plays a critical operational role.
Let us demonstrate how our patented Edge Intelligence user interface brings a more data-driven approach to technical issues and reduces support overheads.

Bring AI to increase operational efficiency and team productivity.

With the world’s first, patented, offline, fully programmable Conversational AI framework.
SDK for your mobile apps, website, IFE wifi page
Integrate with your hardware, sensors and data APIs
Multi-level support – offline FAQ, on-board device diagnostics, offline data exchange
Fully encrypted, with IP address protection & piracy spoof proof
Seamless handover to support representative chat channel
Multilingual capabilities and image-based prompts

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