The Digital Approach to Crew Welfare

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onship– For a safer mission and maximum performance, connect and engage with your crew in order to support their health and wellbeing at sea

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The world of workforce management is rapidly evolving. That’s why our Crew Welfare applications have been designed to help shipping operators and enterprises take a people-first approach to digitising crew wellbeing.
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Key Capabilities

Provide your crew with easy-to-use tools via mobile and web interfaces that are optimised for satellite links.

Robbie: Stay up-to-date with the world around you with custom news
Messaging: 1:1, group & peer to peer messaging using up to 40% less data
Phone: VoIP calls using up to 40% less data includes cost calls to satellite numbers
Tracie: Allows your loved ones to track your journey
Snappie: Send loved ones personalised postcards, never miss a special occasion again
Communication Tools

Create messaging, voice and video channels without impacting mission-critical connectivity.

Welfare Services

Bring your workforce, welfare initiatives and HR systems to improve your crew’s lives at sea.

Entertainment & E-Learning

Inspire and educate your people through entertainment and E-learning services.

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