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Manage fleet operations efficiently to reduce costs and easily comply with regulations.

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Efficient fleet operations with detailed maps, tracking, customised alerts, position reporting, up-to-date weather layers and to turn complex data into accessible insights for regulatory compliance, control and visibility.

Key Capabilities

Web, mobile and desktop apps offered via a standard multi-tenanted SaaS model or as an enterprise branded solution. 

Contact Directory: Integrated cost effective shore-ship comms (Satcom SMS, VoIP, Telephone, Instant Messaging
Add Vessels to track. Options of 2/10/30/60 mins location refresh rates
Maintain Fleet information
Choice of C-maps, terrain, satellite & hybrid maps
Maintain fleets, integrate CRM data and manage roles based access to information
Easily integrate location data or use pre-integrated AIS location
VoIP calls to satellite numbers & international numbers
Digital Wallet: Prepaid (private & shared) or post-paid billing
Multi-platform Solution – iOS & Android apps
Intelligent Monitoring

Define routes, event and activity based alerts to monitor fleet performance at sea.

Route Analytics

Realtime position updates including fuel and speed performance analytics and reports.

Blended Tracking

Track fleets and vessels combining location info from satellite sources (e.g. Inmarsat, Thuraya).

Geofencing & Regulatory Zoning

Pre-built regulatory zones inclusive of custom zone definition and overlaying.

Built In Charts & Maps

Choice of online and offline C-MAP charts, hybrid and satellite maps for on-ship use.

Real Weather Forecasts

Weather layers with forecast meteorological condition along route.

Virtual Assistants

Pre-built AI assistants to help with automation for any guidance and support needed.

Third-Party Integration

Integrate with any application to automate any business process or workflow.

Advanced Reports

Realtime position updates including fuel, speed performance and analytics reports.

FrontM fleet tracking, monitoring and collaboration software powers Thuraya SatTrack offering a powerful and cost-effective solution to maritime and land markets.

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