Loft Multiplex
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Digital live streaming TV for the Maritime industry that is unique, flexible and without any new hardware

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The Seafarers’ Happiness Index reports


vessels get news by email as static content in readable format


seafarers reported feeling lonely or isolated most or all of the time while at sea


of seafarers we asked said they’d instead like live-tv for news & sports

Live stream TV

The first of its kind, live stream TV for crew welfare

300 Kbps transcoding

Optimised for best quality at low-bandwidth streaming

Multiplex interface

The best possible TV variety currently available on ships

No hardware

No long-term commitment, multiple upgradable plans


new hardware needed
infrastructure changes required onboard
onboarding or support overheads
Loft multiplex works on existing IP TV onboard the vessel or any tablet or laptop

One Stream

Per ship at a time, designed to bring your crew closer together to build camaraderie, instead of further isolation due to excess BYOD usage onboard

10x data-efficient than Netflix

Significantly optimised video stream for best network use

Streaming Solution Video Quality Configuration Average Data per Minute Streaming Bitrate Video Quality on 32 inch HD TV
Loft Multiplex 720p 4.33 MB 300 Kbps Good
Netflix 720p(minimum) 42 MB 3 Mbps or Higher Good
YouTube 360p 11.2 MB 1 Mbps Average

Your silver bullet for
Superior Crew Welfare

Available now within, onship, The Maritime Superapp

Choose from 500 channels*

The baseline subscription has 12 channels with unlimited viewing

The right blend of
News, Sports, Food, Travel, Movies
European channels
Tagalog channels
Indian channels

* Add-on channels from library of 500 channels for a minimum subscription of 150 ships

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VOD Add-on Service

1,000+ hours content on a Video-On-Demand (VOD) basis including archived programming and one of the best international line-up of content covering various genres relevant to target audiences. Available with a swift upgrade to the baseline subscription.