Interactive Realtime Fleet Tracking That Intelligently Monitors Your Ships

Enable efficient fleet operations with detailed maps, up-to-date weather layers and customised alerts combined with position reporting exclusively sourced from satellite networks, onboard equipment and AIS.

Intelligent Monitoring

Define routes, event & activity based alerts to monitor fleet performance at sea.

Route Analytics

Realtime position updates including fuel and speed performance analytics and reports.

Blended Tracking

Track fleets & vessels combining location info from satellite sources (e.g. Inmarsat, Thuraya).

Geofencing & Regulatory Zoning

Pre-built regulatory zones inclusive of custom zone definition.

Built In Charts & Maps

Choice of online and offline C-MAP charts, hybrid and satellite maps for on-ship use.

Real Weather Forecasts

Weather layers with forecast meteorological condition along route.

Virtual Assistants

Pre-built AI assistants to help with automation.

Third-Party Integration

Integrate with any application to automate any business process or workflow.

Advanced Reports

Realtime position updates including fuel, speed performance & analytics reports.

FrontM’s platform scales to track thousands of vessels simultaneously, comes with hierarchical secure user permissioning and data sharing and includes end-to-end encryption, ensuring your tracking data and communications remain protected at all times.
Contact Directory: Integrated cost effective shore-ship comms (Satcom SMS, VoIP, Telephone, Instant Messaging.
Add Vessels to track. Options of 2/10/30/60 mins location refresh rates.
Maintain Fleet information.
Choice of C-Maps, Terrain, Satellite and Hybrid maps.
Detailed Vessel Information.
Pre-integrated global vessel location (S-AIS, LRIT).
VoIP calls to Satellite numbers & International numbers.
Digital Wallet: Prepaid (private & shared) or post-paid billing.
Multi-platform Solution – iOS & Android apps.
  • Mobile & Web omni-channel UI
  • Built-in messaging, VoIP & Satellite calling
  • In-app tracking subscription options
  • Built-in prepaid wallet or postpaid
  • Choice of C-MAP charts, street map, hybrid map and satellite map
  • Full detail with familiar zoom & drag options
  • Offline maps for on-ship use
  • Add team members for collaboration
  • Weather layers with forecast meteorological condition along route
  • Pre-built regulatory zones
  • Custom zone definition
  • Regional risks, passage route and collision alerting
  • Real-time position updates as CSV feed
  • 30 days of trail history
  • Built-in graphs and charts
  • Advanced filters and natural language queries
  • Export raw and analysed reports