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A comprehensive suite of medical care and technology services designed to put health and happiness at the heart of your operations.

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Enjoy the flexibility FrontM’s HealthMariner software and healthcare partners provide, no matter where your crew and workforces are. Arrange video consultations and empower your existing healthcare partners to securely capture, transmit and store patient data.

Key Capabilities

Designed to enable the right care at the right time, no matter how remote the target communities are.

Medical contact directory
Built-in messaging
Chat overlay
Optimised video calling
A Full Healthcare Solution

HIPAA and GDPR compliant, cloud and edge EMR solution with teleconferencing, scheduling and reporting.

Customisable Workflows

Cater to field and service specific scenarios combining bespoke data recording, reporting and consultation processes.

Worldwide Usage

Works over VSAT or MSS/FSS or sub-optimal GSM connectivity, with an easy to carry, light tele-health kit for offline use.

Health Case Management

Comprehensive, all illness case management provided by leading medical professionals.

Healthcare On Demand

Rethinking the way you receive care with flexible on-demand plans to meet your health needs.

Secure & Compliant

HIPAA and GDPR compliant with end to end encryption, privacy and secure data storage.

Scalable Across Vessels

A technology platform and service designed to provide healthcare support anywhere.

Efficient Communication

Optimised video and voice calling connecting distributed medical experts with remote patients.

Omni-Channel Experience

Secure cross platform patient interactions, across web, iOS and android apps.

HealthMariner is delivered in collaboration with VIKAND Solutions, our global medical partner.

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