Say you want to see Skyzx Labastilla play in Manilla when you come into port next week with a couple of friends. The process of going requires jumping between at a few apps and web pages. You are likely to coordinate plans on WhatsApp, buy your tickets from Ticketmaster, book a ride through Grab, and pay each other back for food over Google Pay or Venmo.

But what if all that activity happened in a central place or a single app on your phone? From messaging friends, making bookings, sending gifts or simply browsing news feeds — to encompass a more realistic way of how people interact online. Because let’s be honest, the days of surfing across multiple apps and websites can be a drain on data and often quite frustrating. That’s why Super-apps like onship are rapidly becoming the future, helping to make online life far less complicated.

FrontM’s onship is on its way to becoming the super app for the maritime industry and the superheroes of the sea. onship is more than just an app that allows maritime companies and the seafaring workforce who rely on satellite connectivity to collaborate and communicate with the outside world. Apart from being the seafarers’ one-stop app for calling home, sending instant messages, sharing photos and videos, it’s also a storehouse of a plethora of mini-apps or micro applications that offer a variety of the much-needed services – including access to Virtual Assistants, E-procurement, Video Conferencing, and those all-important Crew Welfare Services. 

Let us find out about each of them…

  1. Emma

Emma is onship’s personalised virtual assistant. Emma can be a guide, a friend, and an entertainer – whatever the seafarer chooses her to be. When you are curious about or unaware of maritime-related terms, definitions, or jargon, she becomes the source of built-in nautical knowledge. When a seafarer needs help exploring various features of onship super-app, Emma assumes the role of a guide. When you’re in want of some amusement, Emma turns into an entertainer and is capable of telling cool jokes. Emma is indeed onship’s smart, funny and intelligent virtual assistant. Try asking Emma to tell you a joke here.

2. Tracie

Tracie is literally one of the most useful and thoughtful micro applications that can be installed for free from the onship marketplace. The sole purpose of designing Tracie is to enable seafarers’ families to track their loved ones who are at sea. The ship tracking microapp captures the exact location and break hours of the mariners so that their families know when to contact them. Tracie also keeps the seafarer’s family informed of his or her voyage details such as next port, arrival and departure time, and final destination. You can say that Tracie is indeed the eyes and ears of the seafarers’ families who use onship. 

3. Loft

Loft is the perfect video conferencing solution for any low bandwidth environment. The maritime and fixed satellite-supported industries are heavily reliant upon email for collaboration. Loft’s advanced data optimisation lets your teams talk, send instant messages, run polls, and share screens over sub 256Kbps capabilities to bring workplace ideas to life thus making your teams more productive and bringing your communication backbone into the 21st century. Why continue to use email for mission-critical discussions, when you can host a quick Loft video call with the captains across your entire fleet at any given time. Arrange a free trial here.

4. SeafarerHelp

SeafarerHelp is a lifeline for seafarers. Wherever you are in the world, SeafarerHelp is there for you. The helpline is free, confidential, and multilingual. SeafarerHelp is provided by the International Seafarers Welfare and Assistance Network (ISWAN), a charitable organisation dedicated to promoting the welfare of seafarers and their families. The helpline is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year regardless of location, nationality, religion, sexuality, or gender. No matter the problem, talking to SeafarerHelp is easy and always accessible via onship. The ISWAN team really does speak your language. 

5. Seafarer Centre Locator

Connects seafarers with seafarer centers everywhere. Coming into port to drop off precious cargo and need a place to rest and relax whilst the vessel is docked? No problem, we’ve got you covered! Seafarer centre locator micro-application is a handy global directory of all the seafarer centres across the globe. These centres are great hubs to engage with chaplains, connect with peers, old friends or even play a few games with your crewmates over refreshments. 

6. Drop Local

Drop local is a global online directory of suppliers to the maritime industry based upon the type of goods or services they offer. The app helps you to find, select and connect with local businesses and suppliers wherever you are. 

onship is about bringing ship-to-shore collaboration, automation, teams, and loved ones together under one roof. See how onship can help improve your team’s productivity and welfare here.