Whether your focus is to enhance customer experience in remote spaces or to improve operational efficiencies, FrontM has everything you need on one platform.

Multi-platform branded apps & SDK
Travel, transport, location data and APIs
Market focused ready made AI apps
Offline conversational and personalisation engine
Vertical AI automation & anomaly prediction
Developer portal and programmable frameworks


People are naturally community-oriented. Connecting people with social messaging is now more a necessity than a nicety, and that applies no matter where people are. Continuous communication with colleagues improves productivity and drives profits. FrontM communication and collaboration tools help teams on remote sites and HQ communicate. Our platform also brings interactive customer experiences for airlines, cruises and the wider travel market.

Peer to peer offline messaging
Moderated offline social networks
Location-based group messaging
Network efficient VoIP calling
Cost-optimised satellite calling
Integrates with your on-site CRM
Offline AI Assistants
Personalisation Engine
Geospatial analytics
Offline Digital Wallet & Payments
Anomaly detection framework
Programming frameworks


Digital users are dependent on easy access to information and help, no matter where they are and what they are doing. FrontM Edge AI and chatbot platform enables automation of workflows, interactions and customer experience, without depending on continuous internet. This means never leaving people in limbo, no matter where they are.
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We are all about results, not just features

70% cost saving on Satellite Data Usage

Data Efficiency

50% cost saving on Satellite Phone calls

Call Optimisation

10 weeks to take a Concept to Market

Programming Frameworks

How It Works



Use our SDK to add collaboration and automation features optimised for low connectivity and Conversational AI that works offline


2-4-4 Methodology

Do you want a bespoke solution? Our 2-weeks to prototype, 4-weeks to MVP & 4-weeks to launch guarantees delivery with speed and certainty


Branded Apps & Web Tools

Get your own branded apps and consistent web experiences to bring your ecosystem together

Pre-Integrated Services