Inflight Assistant

Personalised AI assistant that works inflight.
With or without internet.

Reduce passenger stress
and create smoother journeys
by addressing passengers' queries in real-time
from within your airline app or IFEC system.


No more passenger complaints because they couldn’t get the crew’s immediate attention! Ask the assistant for refreshments, to have the passenger in front to put her seat upright or explore meal options. 


Instant help inflight to relieve passengers anxieties and enhance customer experience. Conversational AI algorithm custom-trained for your airline FAQs, IFE services, membership access & beyond.


Issue real-time personalised updates on flight status and onward connections. Manage comms with passengers on irregular operations & disruptions to secure their peace of mind, all the time!


Baggage tracking, lost or delayed bag updates, or logging customers’ enquiries with the service desk – have your airline assistant take away your crew’s burden and decrease passenger’s anxiety

Passenger’s inflight digital companion

that integrates into your airline app and IFE pages to

  • Increase your passenger NPS by 25-30%
  • Reduce burden on Crew by 8-12%
Superior customer experience that truly ‘wows’ your passengers.
Is your vision also for a passenger-centric environment where passengers are always cared for and are never left in limbo? FrontM can help your airline address customer enquiries from IFE service enquiries to disruption updates. Let us demonstrate how the Inflight Assistant can differentiate your airline's customer experience.

Bring AI to care for your passenger comforts. 

With the world’s first, patented, offline, fully programmable Conversational AI framework.
SDK for your mobile apps, website, IFE wifi page
Able to learn offline, integrates with your IFE infrastructure
Personalised with situation based empathy, language & tone
Fully encrypted, with IP address protection & piracy spoof proof
Integrates easily with your KCS, CRM, GDS and other back office systems
Powerful analytics to assess NPS and Customer Service overheads

Your Inflight App Store

Unlock opportunities by engaging inflight passengers in innovative ways, to drive ‘value exchange’.