Inflight Personalised E-Commerce

Bringing travel retail growth to augment
your airlines Ancillary Revenue lines.

FrontM plugs into your IFE WiFi page and/or airline app, integrating retail marketplaces, your loyalty points and our targeting algorithms.


Shopping discovery with conversational-AI assistant, both inflight and on ground


Allows pre-orders from your airline apps for inflight, at-airport pick up or at-home delivery


Additional 10% upside potential with our marketing & prediction of purchases


Complement your existing airline duty-free offerings by bridging the gap between airlines and airports.

‘Shoppertain’ passengers while generating
E-Commerce Revenues to meet your airline revenue goals.

We will customise the offering to align with your passenger demographic needs. We can also integrate your existing affiliates. Our promise is the upside from personalisation and targeting to drive higher conversions

Mobile-First Design with Modular & Customisable Features

FrontM E-Commerce embeds inside your airline app and inflight WiFi pages, as a stand-alone feature

E-commerce also seamlessly infuses with other apps like maps, destination explorer, social networking…


• Order history, profile, demographics and seasons based recommendations
• Location based promotions driving foot traffic
• Reviews, feedback & sentiment analysis
• App notifications and emails / SMS / social


• Product listing with conversational AI aided discovery
• Fully customisable UI to match airlines brand
• HTML5 and Native mobile SDK
• Works on all popular browsers
• Mobile, desktop and tablet layouts


• Global duty free an duty paid partner network
• Brands/Partners responsible for delivery & support
• Paid and targeted ads on social media
• Up to 50% revenue share to the airline

How It Works

On Airline App & Inflight WiFi

Dynamic product presentation supplemented with conversational AI. Feature-packed to stimulate decision making on purchases

Data Driven Optimisation

Real time and past usage analytics, to adjust fluid demands with targeting and product range optimisation

Membership Points Integration

Go beyond regular transactions to improve utilisation of your airline loyalty points, while improving personalisation based on tiers

Why wait for inflight internet to start driving digital onboard?

Let us bring innovation to grow your inflight revenue streams, while moving your passenger experience forward.