Inflight Social Networking

Unlock opportunities for airlines to engage inflight
passengers in new ways, drive social interactions
& enable untapped ‘value exchange’.

Fully offline, inflight passenger messaging and social networking
via your airline app, which then stays with the passenger beyond
their travel.


Connect passengers with fellow travellers to ask for an extra charger, or just find like-minded people to chat with


Make matches to let fellow passengers spilt a taxi at a destination or book group activities while in the sky


Help SMEs to find each other, or work colleagues to collaborate by sharing documents and agendas mid flight


Let families or friends sitting away from each other continue texting & sharing photos

Inflight Social Networking within your airline app and IFE pages

  • Connect passengers inflight
  • Increase  airline app stickiness by 25%
  • Ancillary revenue via ads
Bringing a messaging-based sharing economy to the skies.
We combine in-flight socialization with the shared economy for your airline, connecting customers with shared interests and shared needs via AI-enabled chatbots. We want to help you create differentiated customer experiences through technology using an intuitive, intelligent chat interface.

Inflight peer-to-peer

Instant Messaging


Voice & Video Calls

Intelligent Chat

Groups & Channels

Inflight File

& Screen Sharing

Contact Management

& Approvals

Built-In Sharing

Interaction & Payments

Your Inflight App Store

Unlock opportunities by engaging inflight passengers in innovative ways, to drive ‘value exchange’.