Interactive Moving Maps

Familiar maps experience inflight to track the flight and discover the world below. On any platform and any device, any W-IFE portal and embedded in your airline apps.

Fully offline, yet highly interactive & informative.


The essentials

Real-time flight position and flight data, with personalised alerts & notifications. E.g. “Alert me before we start descending”


The world below

Easily discover points of interest and destination information. E.g. “What’s the history of this place below me?”


Destination Discovery

Sponsored internet access to booking hotels, taxis, transit, tours, activities, restaurants and more


Ads & Promotions

Ads served from our partner network or airlines’ own ads, with intelligent targeting

Mobile-First Design with Modular & Customisable Features

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Delight passengers while generating ads & sponsorship revenues.
We will work with you to monetise the ad slots, with typically 2 ads for 100 POI cards. With context-sensitive & personalised presentation, built-in CPM assurance & sponsored POI data, we can accurately forecast the revenue upside.

• Optional menus, Conversational AI, ads
• Airline-branded, fully customisable UI
• Night and Day mode
• HTML5, Native mobile SDK
• Works on all popular browsers
• Mobile, tablet and desktop layouts


• Choice of 2D and 3D flight icon
• Track back traversed flight path, speed and altitude
• Predicted flight path
• Airport landing air traffic/queues updates
• Time to destination & local time
• Altitude & flight trajectory


• Choice of political, terrain and satellite maps
• Choice of detail: 1km-500m
• Pinch to zoom, rotate and locate functions
• Local geographic, historic & cultural information
• Destination POI information
• Tourism, travel and transit information

How It Works

Inflight Entertainment WiFi System Integration

Easily add FrontM Moving maps to your onboard media server and integrate our HTML plugin to your WiFi page.

Airline Mobile Apps integration

FrontM Maps is the only Moving Maps solution in the world that is designed to even work without IFE, by embedding inside your airline app.

Analytics for Airlines

Improve NPS & optimise revenue with our built-in admin dashboard for dynamic usage stats, insights, ad impression.

Why wait for inflight internet to start driving digital onboard?

Let us bring innovation to grow your inflight revenue streams, while moving your passenger experience forward.

Your Inflight App Store

Unlock opportunities by engaging inflight passengers in innovative ways, to drive ‘value exchange’.