Messaging, Tracking, Logging and Analytics – an all in one device for the fishing industry

More Than Compliance – Your Fishing Companion


Catch Logging and Compliance Simplified


Tracking with satellite GPS, Weather & collision threat alerts


Catch analytics dashboard


Affordable Messaging & Voice Calling

Our Technology

IP67/68 rated all-weather device

Battery-powered with solar charging

Secure on-device storage and message transmission

LTE/3G/4G SIM slot and WiFi support to connect over satellite terminals

Conversational, natural language interface

Sustainable Fisheries

Blue Economy Messenger is not just about messages, and not just about compliance.

It’s about helping fishermen make more of their time at sea, about helping them minimise bycatch, about sharing information within their collectives, and about enabling better communication with friends and family on shore

Our Partners

Blue Economy Messenger is being developed with funding from the UK’s innovation agency Innovate UK and project support from Nick Lambert Associates and Inmarsat.

Talk To Us

We are particularly interested in speaking to:

Owners and operators of fishing vessels
Telecoms providers to the fishing industry
Commercial fish buyers
National and International Regulators