Where collaboration tools are concerned, we tend to think about satellite connectivity first, then about the fundamental tools all teams need to stay hyper connected, such as video meetings, group messaging, file sharing and calling. Why, because we know that teams working in the most isolated of environments need reliable tools that just work, ensuring they can remain effective, whether they are sharing screens or troubleshooting engine challenges on a vessel in the middle of the Pacific Ocean or simply sending a HQSE report to a colleague.

Now whilst most team collaboration platforms include the key tools listed above, the way these tools are developed for satellite networks if they are to support your teams is vital. That’s why we have developed Loft, the video conferencing app marketplace solution that is packed with features that will help make your online team and customer meetings run seamlessly over satellite networks.

We are delighted to add Loft to our marketplace knowing that it will really help to solve an online connectivity challenge many of our customers and partners face. Watch this space, there are lots more features to come. Here is a summary of the May release:

If you are already a FrontM Partner, Loft is already available to you. Not a FrontM partner or user? Great news, Loft Video Conferencing comes with a 30-day free trial. Contact us to learn more.

  1. Loft Video Meetings on any device – Get more done over satellite networks

Loft dynamically changes your meetings into web and app enabled video rooms across low bandwidth, satellite environments. By deploying an off-the-shelf solution, you can quickly set up, host, and manage online meetings with the best in class virtual-room experience. 

2. Chat – Instant messaging simplifies collaboration between teams and external attendees 

In-room chat enables your external and internal teams to streamline communications between attendees.

3. Loft Scheduler – Quickly invite and send meeting invitations to multiple attendees at the click of a button

Online meetings have become a fundamental part of our everyday work and personal lives. That’s why Loft comes with a simple to use scheduler and instant meet now capability to support your teams immediate and diarised meeting needs.

4. Calendar Integration

Connect your meeting rooms with your everyday calendar ensuring all of your meeting are stored in one place, meaning you need never miss a meeting again. 

4. Dedicated Inmarsat Fleet Connect FX package

Guaranteed on-demand Fleet Connect data services enables ship owners and operators to undertake high-quality low throughput video conferencing to support mission-critical operations and improve crew welfare initiatives such as Telemedicine.

Advanced features coming soon

We have a really exciting roadmap of cool features for release throughout the months of June and July. Here’s a quick look at what’s coming up:

Enterprise collaboration tools

  • Whiteboarding tools 
  • Video recording

Get Loft for Free Today

Communication tools sit at the heart of all successful businesses, they have never been more important than they are today. Loft can help you extend your existing satellite connectivity’s capabilities to help enhance the way your teams connect and work.  Contact us today to put these features to the test for free today. 


Lisa Moore, VP Commercial Product Management