The FrontM founders had vast experience in working with Satellite Communications companies (i.e. Inmarsat) in different product leadership roles. FrontM delivers solutions to passengers in air and crew members at sea, specifically built for remote locations offline. These remote environments lack consistent, reliable, high-speed connectivity. Black spots are plaguing the current limited service, along with high costs too.

FrontM set out solving this problem. With our intelligent edge-based AI we are able to hyper-personalise our solutions and cache content on the edge. For example, servers in the aircraft or ship, or even the end-user mobile devices. This allows us to not only serve content, but also support e-commerce transactions to be handled completely offline. The cloud begins syncing any purchases, other analytical or usage information only once the plane lands or the ship docks. This is over a high speed, lower cost, more traditional internet connection.

FrontM tech strategically runs in remote environments, delivering personalised, intelligent solutions that are reliable, even offline.