The FrontM platform is built on a set of core communication libraries that enable cost-effective, resilient communications over satellite connections. We bring reliable connectivity to environments where internet bandwidth is constrained from an availability, uninterrupted quality and cost perspective. Think – crew members at sea on vessels and passengers in the air onboard an aircraft.

We built a container app (Super App) platform that houses bespoke solutions for our customers. The solution is completely white-label ready where a customer can brand the web and mobile applications. In addition, the white-labelled Super App comes pre-loaded with our standard applications. This includes a portfolio of purpose-built applications for each customer. The Super App is resilient – most transactions can handle connectivity blips, and be hyper-personalized. This is done with AI running on the Edge node without the need to be constantly connected.

This Super App approach creates an ecosystem of choice for our customer and partners. It helps them create rapid innovation and solve immediate pain points for their users. An example is our partnership with Vikand to launch a COVID-19 Telemed service. On the FrontM platform, and with our unique delivery approach – this application took 4 weeks for MVP and 8 weeks to launch. The Telemed solution uses 20x less bandwidth than Zoom. It is the only video solution that is cost-effective and available via satellite connectivity aboard a sea vessel.

FrontM is also launching the first seafarer companion application called onShip. This app will come pre-loaded with low-cost satellite calling and video conferencing to connect seafarers with loved ones at home.

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